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Construction Industry is one of the Booming Industry in the Indian Economy. The growth of the same in Bangalore is admirable. Because requirements of material and labor is on a very large scale, Demand and Supply of the same is still catered by Unorganized players, resulting in poor supply of materials & labour in terms of quality.To cater the above gap between the Customers and Manufacturers to supply required quality products “EXCELL BUILDING MATERIALS” started its Operations in 2015. We have been recognized as one of the competitive and quality suppliers in a very short span of time. We are one of the leading suppliers for  construction material.

Our Vision

To be associated with customers as the most Preferred & Cost E ffective supplier with prime focus being Quality and Service.

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Why Buy from EBM ???


  • The shape of the  sand resembles with those of river P-sand
  •  Our P-sand is well graded & adheres to the specifications of IS 1542- 1992 (RA 2014) standards.
  • P-sand contains typical rock-forming minerals like quartz, feldspar, micro, group of minerals etc.
  • P-sand has 0% wastage which in turn gives better compression strength than the river sand

Quality guarantee

  • Wide range of Products to choose from.
  • In-House Logistics for Quick and Reliable supply.
  • Stringent Quality Supervision.
  • Competitive Prices..

Certified experts

We deal with Products Solutions for different
Engineering needs.

  • Admixtures: LWC, Plasticizers and Super Plasticizers.
  • Tiling Solutions: Adhesives, Grouts and Filler.
  • Finishing’s and Paints: Powder Wall Putty, Primers and Emulsions .
  • Water Proofing: SBR, Roof Coat, and Flexi Coat Industrial Solutions: Metallic and Non metallic floor hardeners and Grout Mix.
  • Cover Blocks: Slab covers, Beam covers and Footing Covers.

Our Representative will delivery the sample, if your happy with sample then we will delivery material